During the seven weeks between Eastern and Pentecost 2020 (during the Corona pandemic) I taught an online course on silence and contemplation. The huge number of participants who signed up surprised me: about 2300. Also the involvement the participants showed during these seven weeks made me feel very grateful. It was a real discovery for me, that digital means (email, Google-forms, video’s and webinars) made it possible to walk along this path of silence and contemplation so real together. 

In this English translation you find the entire content of the 21 lessons of this course. Some of the additional material of the original course has also been added. 

I started the course driven by the desire to let the Covid-19 period be a time in which we could advance in learning to experience Gods presence in our lives. I hope you will feel the same when you get going with this course.

Yours in Christ,

Jos Douma