Slowly, lovingly, listening, and receptive reading – Scripture reading in lectio divina, in five words

What is lectio divina (divine Scripture reading) all about? I try to summarize in five words.

  • Reading: Lectio divina is first of all very simple ‘reading’. Just read what it says. And discover that it doesn’t always say what you think it says. Reading is the core activity. 
  • Receptive: Lectio divina represents a learning process. You aren’t an accomplished reader if you know the letters of the alphabet and can form and follow words and sentences. Divine Scripture reading is a lifelong learning process, in which you are always open and receptive to what comes to you in the text.
  • Slowly: Lectio divina is a way of reading, that you could also call Slow Reading. Due to our use of the internet, we often read quickly, superficially, fleetingly, scanning. That’s why it’s important to slow down, relax, and read slowly to really let the words sink in. So: slowly (calm). Calmly and repetitive.
  • Lovingly: lectio divina is about reading with the heart in stead of the mind. It is a way of reading that is meant to inspire you on a deeper level. Lectio divina is about growing in love, not in knowledge.
  • Listening: Lectio divina is being aware of the voice of the Spirit speaking. It is about being receptive to the Voice that sounds through the words you read.

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